One Ninety Five

One Ninety Five has cleverly dubbed itself after the number of countries in the world. It has taken international cuisines from all over the world and blended them with a range of oriental cuisines, spanning from Morocco to the spice-rich countries of the Arabian Gulf.

Type of Cuisine

A fusion of international cuisines with an oriental twist. Tamarind Honey Lamb Quesadillas, Nachos Sojok Con Carne and Quinoa Tabbouleh with Tandoori Chicken, to name a few.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signatures are everything that combines a dish from a global destination, infused with an oriental element. For starters, we kicked off with a Cheeseling Batata Harra, a mouthwatering combination of potato wedges drenched in a spicy, melted cheese topped with coriander and lemon juice. Alongside came a Crab N Go salad, a delicious concoction of different greens and vegetables layered with some finely sliced crab sticks drenched with a mango vinaigrette.

We opted for pizza rather than a main dish. Who could resist an Oriental Pulled Lamb and Feta Pizza, with a great balance of cheese and tomato sauce, as well as a crunchy yet fluffy crust? The pulled lamb meat was cooked to perfection and the chunks of feta cheese along with the greens enhanced the flavor.

Last, but certainly not least, we tackled a Profiterole Tower, consisting of 12 stacked profiterole pieces, each one filled with custard cream. The mouthwatering oriental twist to top off the dessert came in the form of halawa crumbs, pistachio, vanilla sauce, and a strawberry coulis.

Other Menu Options that Appealed

We will be back sometime for breakfast to try the Moroccan Egg Tagine, seasoned kofta and egg baked in an oven tagine, paired with tomato and topped with Istanbouli cheese.Best food in 6 october

The 195 Burger, named after the restaurant also intrigued us. Burgers are a staple of western cuisine, but by substituting the usual cheddar cheese slices with Kashkaval, along with some Sumac-infused Thousand Island sauce and fresh greens, it takes on a more oriental flavor and texture.


Several types of coffee, including an impressive range of specialty coffees, along with French, Turkish, American, and other hot beverages. There were cold coffee options as well and a nice mix of cocktails and shakes.

D├ęcor & Ambiance

The restaurant decor fuses different cultures together. As you enter, there is a wall that features the Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as the Statue of Liberty. Next to that, Islamic patterns and items add more of a traditional vibe to the space.

Social distancing and hygiene standards: A QR code menu is available, and tables were well stocked with hand sanitizers.

Clientele Mix: Families and groups of friends.

Price Range: Prices seem fair considering the quality and quantity of food.

Worth Noting: Take away is available!

Contact information:

Opening hours: From 10 am to 12 pm

Tel: 0100 007 9195

Address: The Park, Mall of Arabia, Gate 9, 6th of October City

Facebook: @oneninetyfive

Instagram: @oneninetyfive_eg

Villa Caracas at The Park Mall of Arabia