Check out what’s waiting for you in Sa7el for summer 2021. New restaurants, shops, services and more!

Mistiqa Island at La Vista Bay 

Mistiqa Island is an exciting new venue located in La Vista Bay. Right on the beach, it serves breakfast and lunch, as well as dinner.

Location: La Vista Bay
Reservation : 0155 700 0000
Delivery: 0155 700 0007

Mistiqa at Amwaj

Much-loved Mistiqa is still waiting for you in Rivette Mall on the road by Amwaj gate, and is also operating for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Location: Rivette Mall, Amwaj
Tel: 0128 155 5551 – 0122 055 5550

Chimes at Caesar’s Bay

A home away from home, offering a unique and tranquil seaside hospitality experience. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Location: Caesar’s Bay

Tel: 0122 000 0022 – 0122 000 0033

Pier88 at Almaza Bay

Luxuriate in the soft, warm sands of the North Coast at Pier88 Almaza Bay. Overlooking a crystal-clear blue sea and swift waves, Pier 88 Almaza Bay is your destination for a relaxing time in the shade, with decadently good food and refreshing cold drinks to kill the summer heat.

Location: Almaza Bay

Tel: 0127 480 0022

Working hours: Daily from 10 am – 1 am

O-Bar at Bianchi

An outdoor rooftop spot, dining experience with a glimpse of fun. Dj tunes daily from 9 pm.

Location: Bianchi, Km 137 North Cost Road – Sidi Abd-El Rahman

Tel:0122 522 5079 – 0122 457 1128

Working hours: Daily from 3 pm till late