New Features on Instagram

Instagram is adding features at an incredibly high rate, and that is all to make our user experience easier and safer.

Here are 5 new features on Instagram that you need to know. And keep an eye on new features coming in the New Year because Instagram is ever-evolving!

By: Aliaa ElSherbini


Instagram has announced that it is experimenting with a new “favorites” feature that is now available to the public. Selecting Favorites among your followed accounts allows you to control whose posts to view higher up on the feed.

Chronological Feed

New Features on Instagram Less of a feature and more of a general change in the algorithm, but Instagram is also experimenting with variations of the old Chronological Order display. That means that there will be an option to see posts in the chronological order of posting and not by engagement rates and user activity.

Playback 2021

You have to update your app for this one! The Playback is a seasonable feature that now helps you remember some of your best 2021 memories with up to 10 stories from your stories achieve.

Delete Single Photos from Carousel

New Features on Instagram You do not have to delete the whole post anymore because Instagram has made the experience easier by letting us delete specific pictures from the carousel.

All you have to do is click on the Edit dots icon and choose the photo(s) you want to delete by tapping on the top-left newly added delete icon.

Link in Story for All Users

Now anyone can attach a link to their Instagram story, regardless of the number of followers. The Swipe-up turned Link Sticker used to only be for accounts with over 10K followers, but the limitation is now over. Anyone can add links to their stories.

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