Most Eco-Friendly Cities

Trying to go green and being more eco-friendly is harder than it seems. From recycling to cutting off gas emissions, those 10 cities around the world have evolved their lifestyle and are still trying to make it greener. Most Eco-Friendly Cities

By Karen Emad

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Most Eco-Friendly CitiesAnnounced as the greenest city in the entire world by “The Telegraph”, Copenhagen has developed ongoing green in various ways. With vending machines, where one can recycle material and get a deposit for it, that way one is being sustainable and receiving money for it. It’s genius and efficient!

All of Copenhagen’s busses now use electric energy instead of diesel. The city is determined to become carbon-free by 2025 and with all those fascinating improvements we can see that happening sooner rather than later. Most Eco-Friendly Cities

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Most Eco-Friendly CitiesThanks to renewable energy sources, more than 80% of Zurich is running on electricity, which is why it’s one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world. Citizens, as well as visitors, are motivated to keep their energy footsteps in mind and to reduce them by walking, biking, or using public transportation. Not to forget that more than 40% of the city’s waste gets recycled and taken care of.

3. London, UK

Now that London is investing in diesel-electric buses, it has gained a spot on this list. London has set a goal to become gas emission-free by 2050 and is encouraging its citizens to go green.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With at least ten bikes scattered on every street, Amsterdam is now known as the city where there are more bikes than people. Since cycling isn’t the only way of transportation there, the city is trying to reduce gas emissions by introducing electric vehicles to its people! Most Eco-Friendly Cities

5. Berlin, Germany


After the first World War, the Germans have become very aware and value their green spaces more than anything. A movement of appreciating electric vehicles seems to be happening in Europe and we fully support it. In order to convince their citizens to be environment-friendly, Berlin has put more than 400 charging points across the city.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is not only known for being cold but it’s also known that the majority of its electricity runs on natural resources. Hot springs, geysers, and other heating sources provide heating for the buildings. Reykjavik sets an example of a city that uses all its natural resources to save the planet!

7. Stockholm, Sweden

Most Eco-Friendly CitiesHoping to become completely free of fossils by 2040, Stockholm is one of the only cities in the world that recycles all its waste. It encourages its society to go greener and is generating bio-fuel from sewage waste. Most Eco-Friendly Cities

8. Singapore, Singapore

Singapore has an aim to become one of the world’s greenest cities in the entire world. For now, it’s considered to be the greenest city in Asia, which is still a huge accomplishment. Did you know that 40% of Singapore’s water comes from previously purified and treated water?

9. Oregon, Portland

Most Eco-Friendly CitiesThe city where our favorite New Girl character, Jessica Day, is from. But that’s not the reason why Oregon is on this list. Since 1991, the Sustainable City Government (SCG) initiative has effectively reduced the city’s reliance on fossil fuels. Plastic bags are also banned from the whole city to reduce plastic usage! Most Eco-Friendly Cities

10. San Francisco

Most Eco-Friendly CitiesJust like Oregon, San Francisco banned plastic bags and is doing huge improvements on helping the environment before it was “trendy” as it diverts more than 80% of its waste.

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