Animal right events in egypt

Meow Tours is an animal rights initiative that organizes events to feed street animals in various neighborhoods of Cairo and Alexandria. By organizing Meow Walks, the Animal Rights Initiative aims to feed animals and play with them to spread the culture of animal welfare throughout the country.

Tours are announced on the Meow Tours Facebook page and anyone can book and participate by bringing meals or just joining in the tours for free. Meow Tours strives to obtain support from animal food companies and stores to donate the food or provide it at a low price.

Meow Tours takes all precautionary measures from social distancing, wearing masks, and not crowding during the tours to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.

Some participants were asked for their feedback regarding the Meow Tours and here are their replies.

What encouraged you to participate in the Meow Tours’ event?  

The reason why I was excited to participate the most was that I love dogs and cats in general, also I’ve been having a hard time dealing with cats, so I wanted to break the ice!

Furthermore, with the cooperation of my friend, we try our best to offer those poor strays’ food and the medical care required and it came from our belief that we have rights and responsibilities to fulfill towards those innocent voiceless souls. They have rights on earth as well as we do, the earth where we all live and it’s not about being merciful or humane, it’s all about being fair!

When I saw Meow Tours visiting an animal shelter which I am following, I was very passionate to join and participate outside my area, most importantly to spread awareness of their rights. Which is their main exceptional goal and target due to the problems and challenges we face every day due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance.

If we really want to live peacefully, we should keep an environmental balance by respecting their rights instead of killing them. Human rights are equal to animal rights and it’s not about us being humane or merciful, we’re just applying justice to the world.

Were the animals friendly and playful or were they scared?

There were two types of animals, type one was those animals who were extremely friendly, playful and enjoyed the attention and love they were given. While type 2 was those harshly abused animals who’s already built an image for human beings are cruel and they shouldn’t get closer. Cats weren’t playful, they came to eat and that was it.

How did people react? Did they encourage or despise the action?

We met many people who were extremely supportive and kind, they were also taking very good care of the stray dogs, they made my day.

However, there were others who said, “You better feed people first” and someone that I can never forget who said, “Did you come for the dogs?” I replied “Yes.” He said, “Ok good, are you finally going to poison them?”. I was astonished by how some people truly think and desire their extinction.

What would you like to be added in the future?

I would like to add some further awareness about how everyone should take his precautions and safety measures to avoid an attack from the animals and how should someone get to their level of understanding slowly to give them space so they can come and feel safe.

Spread awareness regarding the infection control safety measures by wearing gloves. The overall experience was exceptional, and I deeply wish to spread the idea in many cities!

Were there many animals?

Yes, a lot!

What’s your opinion on the day overall and in terms of organizing?

The day was extremely fun and outstanding, everyone was lovely and friendly. Organizing was great too. Animal right events in egypt

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