It’s no secret that Lebanese food offers some of the best eating experiences to be had. Knowing where to find the most authentic mouthwatering dishes is vital, so fans can rest assured that a trip to Loris will not be in vain.

Recently arrived in Galleria40, this lovely spot captures the mood and flavors of the Beirut flagship venue rather nicely.

Type of cuisine: Traditional Lebanese, with time-honored favorites enjoying a Loris twist.

Signature dishes: Hommos Loris, Rayes BBQ Platter, Manti Soujouk, Loris Fattoush, Loris Tabbouleh, Royal Loris Kebbe, Batata Harra, Labneh Warak Enab, Lamb with Frikeh, Maamoul Bil Jebne

What You Will Find

We can’t resist a table groaning under an abundance of colorful mezzeh, and a trip to Loris would be no exception. We would leave it up to the knowledge and skills of our waiter to select palate-pleasing items but would however insist on including at least a few of Loris’s signature items, along with our favorite Mouhamara with Walnuts. It would be foolish not to.

Lebanese food is all about sharing, so we would follow up with platters of Manakish, Royal Loris Kebbe, Kabab Bil Karaz, (the cherry sauce sounds divine), and the Rayes BBQ Platter.

With the addition of a few salads from the mouthwatering selection, we would be in our element and already discussing which dishes we would like to explore on our next visit in the not too distant future.

Dessert is a must where we are concerned. Halawet El Jibn and Ice Cream all round, please!Loris

Beverages: Juices, hot and cold soft options.

Contact information 

Opening hours: 10 am to 12 am

Address: Galleria40, Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 0105 054 0541

Facebook: @Loris.Restaurant, @LorisEgypt

Instagram: @Loris.Restaurant 

Lebanese Diner in Zamalek