By: Aliaa Elsheribini

A new cozy home-style Italian restaurant and café has just opened on the North Coast in Marassi’s Mporium, La Citta, with the original branch in 6th of October, Cairo. We visited for an after-swim meal and here is everything you need to know.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Their signatures include the Salmon Risotto, Seafood Pasta, and Blue Cheese Ravioli, staying true to Italian influences. On that hot summer day, we started with a fresh Kiwi juice and an iced coffee while we waited for our appetizers. The drinks marked a promising start as the juice was truly fresh and not watered down. We could taste the fruit and the coffee was blended with a semi-sweet sugar syrup that did not overwhelm, but rather accentuated the taste of the coffee.

In an all-blue plating layout, the Fried Calamari was served with a honey mustard sauce. The squid itself was cooked just right, far from being rubbery, however the breadcrumbs were soft and not as crispy or crunchy as we had expected. All pieces were sprinkled with cumin, which gave the dish a nice Middle Eastern and home-style touch.

The mains were Salmon Risotto and Seafood Pizza, continuing with a seafood theme all the way through. Both plates were rich in fish, which is hard to say about many other restaurants. The pink sauce in the risotto was delicious, however, maybe the salmon was a tad salty for our taste. To finish off, we dove into the Caramel Crepes, which came slathered in a generous amount of sauce.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

The pasta section seemed appealing as did the Panadona Seafood, a mix of seafood in a creamy sauce. The smoothie and mocktail selection also seemed enticing, and we can assure you the offerings are extensive.

Décor & Ambience

La Citta’s ambience is cozy and friendly, nothing over-the-top or complicated, a simple easy-on-the eyes outdoor summer restaurant. What added to the experience was the staff, they were all friendly and bubbly, giving recommendations about the freshest seasonal juices available at the moment and top dishes.

We can imagine in pre (or hopefully post)-pandemic days people with their shishas hanging around with their friends on a breezy summer night, sharing pizzas and tasty appetizers until dawn.

Clientele Mix: Family-friendly, and suitable for groups of friends.

Hygiene Standards:

In current times hygiene standards are crucial, and La Citta applied all necessary measures. All cutlery was disposable, there was at least a 2-meter distance between tables, staff members were wearing masks and gloves at all times, and sprayed our hands with sanitizer as soon as we sat down. Staff also took our temperatures before letting us in.

Price Range: Very affordable

Contact information:

Opening hours:  10 am – 10 pm
Address: Mporium, Marassi Marsa Matrouh Rd, El Alamein
Tel: 0100 754 0207