Kitchen Makeover tips

Kitchen remodeling can seem like a time and energy-consuming task. But, if done properly, it can save you time, money and effort. Kitchen Makeover tips

Although it may require some planning, the results are quite rewarding. The kitchen is one of the spaces in your home which almost every family member uses, as they say, “the kitchen is the heart of your home”.

Where You Should Start

The first thing that needs to be considered is whether or not are you willing to make changes in the infrastructure of your kitchen and treat it as a completely clean slate. A new design that you are seeking may require some plumbing work or perhaps adjustments in electricity or gas, changing windows or doors, or turning an enclosed kitchen into an open kitchen. Kitchen Makeover tips

The Next Step

You should then start to consider things regarding your existing kitchen, noting what you like and don’t like to get a good understanding of what alterations need to be made. Decisions need to be made regarding new vs old appliances as well. There has been a shift in recent years in the technology and functionality of appliances.

Built-in appliances are gaining popularity as opposed to the old fashion freestanding style. They offer a neat and seamless design without bulky items like dishwashers, washing machines or additional fridges showing up. We recommend having the oven away from the cooktop to simply make moving around the kitchen easier.

Technology Benefits

Today’s technology also helps with energy-saving systems. For example, induction cooktops detect the moment of boiling through a special sensor and automatically lower the temperature while the contents keep boiling. They help save up to 60% power compared to gas or ceramic cooktops. Kitchen Makeover tips

Ceramic electric cooktops are easy to use and maintain; they win when it comes to practicality. Gas solutions are also still a great option for those who prefer the traditional method with modern functionalities. Kitchen Makeover tips

Hoods are also a very important element of the kitchen. There are options to perfectly blend style with performance such as wall mount hoods, island hoods or hoods built on to the cooking plates.

Another element in high demand is having a practical and functional kitchen island that works as a dining space and caters to storage and food preparation. Sometimes placing the cooktop or sink there is convenient.

Other than these major decisions, from a design perspective it is important to think about the following: Kitchen Makeover tips

  1. Choosing kitchen materials – The countertops and the colors of the kitchen unit fronts set the mood of the kitchen. The options are endless, such as a solid wood worktop with a matte finish, with many different colors to choose from. Or an elegant quartz worktop with glossy handless fronts.
  2. Acknowledging who uses the kitchen – How big is your family? Do you host a lot of dinners? Are there multiple household members that use the kitchen? All these questions can help determine the right balance between having a stylish kitchen vs. practicality.
  3. Choice of appliances –When planning on buying appliances you want to think long-term to be able to make the right investment on the size and functionality of the cooker, dishwater and refrigerator.
  4. Lighting – Does your kitchen has access to natural light from windows? If your kitchen is not exposed to sunlight at all, we suggest the use of artificial lighting such as integrated LED lights.
  5. Work triangle – The flow between the kitchen sink, cooker and fridge is important for easy movement and meal preparation.
  6. Storage – Deciding on how much storage you need and make use of any spaces making sure your storage solutions are organized, practical and easily accessible.

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