iRead's October reads

The month of October offers some inspiring reads. Fall is in full swing offering the perfect time to sit back and relax with a book. If you like mystery and thriller novels, October is also the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy that; Halloween summons readers of all types to pick up books that lean toward the spooky side…

As usual, iRead is here to help you find the perfect books to spend your October with. Happy Reading!

1984 – George Orwell

In 1984, Orwell created a harrowing picture of a dystopia named Oceania, where the government insists on defining its own reality and where propaganda permeates the lives of people, distracted by sensational tabloids and sex-filled movies to care much about politics or history.

News articles and books are rewritten by the Ministry of Truth and facts and dates grow blurry — the past is described as a benighted time that has given way to the Party’s efforts to make Oceania great again (never mind the evidence to the contrary).

The Yacoubian Building – Alaa El Aswany

A groundbreaking literary rendition of Egyptian realism served with a heavy dose of humor, that’s in few words how we can describe this masterpiece called: The Yacoubian Building. Egyptian author, Alaa El Aswany brings to life a seedy and despicable Cairo where only the corrupted and the corruptible can farewell.iRead's October reads

The events of the book focus mainly on the residents of the Yacoubian building, a once-chic but now rundown edifice that acts as a metaphor for Cairo’s own deterioration.

Land of the God – Ahmed Mourad

In the spring of 1924, after the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Howard Carter rushed to the English Consulate in Cairo, demanding diplomatic intervention to force the Egyptian authorities to renew the excavation permit, which was canceled; because the Antiquities Authority was found tampering with the cemetery records; and unrecognized artifacts were found hidden in a wine box at another grave.iRead's October reads

Carter threatened that if he did not take the permit, he would reveal to the world the texts of the papyri that were insulated by the king’s burial chamber, including the secrets they contained, secrets never before discovered. In his fifth novel, Ahmed Mourad takes us into one of the secrets of the ancients cleverly hidden before our eyes.

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