By: Aliaa El-Sherbini

I Never Cry, a Polish drama movie, premiered at this year’s 4th edition of El Gouna Film Festival in the presence of its leading actress emerging young talent Zofia Stafiej. We caught up with the shy and lovely Zofia after the press conference for a quick chat, where she told us all about the movie (do not worry, there are no spoilers ahead), her stay at El Gouna, and her future projects.

CW: Can you tell us more about I Never Cry and its plot?

Zofia Stafiej: The movie is about a 17-year-old, Ola, who has to travel to Ireland to get her deceased dad’s body back to Poland. It is the story of the journey of Ola getting to know herself better and also to know her father, which is not easy because he is already dead.

What made you want to play the character of Ola?

Seeing the first movie of the director of I Never Cry, Piotr Domalewski, made me realize that this is the cinema that I love and want to create. Also, the topic of immigration is important to me, so I was honored to be part of such an important film.

Do you think that the character Ola resembles the real Zofia in any way?

Of course, Ola is somebody else, a fictional character, but I have had the chance to work on her development in a very organic way, so I think that I have given her some of myself, yes.

What was the hardest part of playing Ola?

The emotional scenes were the hardest to play when I had to bring out raw emotions. I wanted to be believable.

Is this your first time in Egypt?

Yes, and I have to say that I love your culture.

What do you think about the Gouna Film Festival, and what is your favorite thing about it?

I love that it is under the stars. I have never been to a festival where we can dance, meet people, and watch movies under the skylight and the stars and I think that it is beautiful. And the occasion of meeting such great filmmakers during the festival is fantastic.

Have you had the chance to see any movies at the Festival yet?

Yes, I have seen the French movie Delete History, and today I am going to watch Never Going to Snow Again, and 200 Meters.

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