Lama Bntweled - Lama Bntweled

With cinematic talent in her genes, Ibtihal El Serety is sure to wow audiences with her role in When We’re Born. El Serety went through a rollercoaster of emotions to play Aida, the traditional Egyptian woman facing hardships in her marriage. We spoke with the star about the obstacles she faced while filming, and how director Tamer Ezzat and her co-star Amr Abed had her back during the filming process.

Tell us about your role in When We’re Born (Lama Bntweled).

I play Aida, a strong married woman passing through some difficult times. We see how she overcomes her hardships and how much she loves her husband. She’s a traditional Egyptian woman.

What were some obstacles you faced with this role?

The one-shot scenes were some of the hardest things about this movie. We had to do a lot of things at the same time in one shot; remember lines, focus on many aspects, and channel different feelings. All that during a long period of time, which was challenging.

Scenes involving anger and violence were also very hard. Amr Abed and I are not used to these expressions of anger in our personal lives, both physically or emotional.

Did you have to prepare a lot for your role especially with Amr Abed since you play husband and wife on screen?

Lama BntweledYes, absolutely. Amr and I had to prepare a lot. We used to meet and rehearse the scenes to get comfortable before filming. Sort out the technical things so you could focus on portraying emotions. Thankfully director Tamer Ezzat coached us a lot and taught us how to move without forgetting or messing up, especially since the shooting locations where unusual. We had to have a feel for the dimensions of the space, because the locations were small and tight for space.

What was it like working with Tamer Ezzat as a director?

Tamer is a wonderful director. He is a sensitive person. He feels the actor and aims to bring out the best in them. He was so close to the cast and gave us all the self-confidence and support we needed on a professional and personal level.

On a personal level, did you like the movie?

I loved it! I loved it very much! I love the music. I love how all the characters were portrayed. All this touched me as a member of the audience. I hope the people sense that, too. We are missing musical works, it’s good to have them in our cinematic history. I am very proud!

Without revealing anything, tell us your favorite scene in the movie.

My favorite scene was with Amr, walking down the street looking at things to buy for the apartment which leads to a dispute, but then we are nice to each other after a few moments. These contradicting emotions are hard, but fun to shoot.