Driven, passionate about his craft and in high demand, architect and designer Hussein Nassar knew from his early years at kindergarten that his future lay in design and the creation of beautiful surroundings.

Constantly with a pencil at hand, he drew inspiration from his engineer father but felt that architecture was the path that would best combine the elements of his passion for drawing and engineering. And so it came to be.

Known for an eclectic design approach that captures the individuality of each client, Nassar’s work doesn’t follow any trademark style. Rather, it embraces an ethos of quality materials, painstaking design and finishing, and an unmistakable edge of luxury.

But every project breathes with its own energy, whether residential or any of the many restaurants that have been fortunate to have his design skills to create their particular stamp.

Eschewing passing trends, Nassar does not jump on any global design bandwagon. Nonetheless, he is enthusiastic about the new advances in lighting technology, seeing it as an important factor in the development of interior design.

Although his work is tailored to meet each owner’s perspective, he will judiciously steer them away from common design flaws such as excess details on rendering, or use of paper.

In their enthusiasm, people can easily lose focus. The architect or designer plays an invaluable role in creating a space that will provide an elegant, contemporary and personal haven. Looking forward to the coming period, Nassar sees a much stronger move towards increased time at home and everything that entails.

With the specter of Covid-19 still looming, people are looking for a home that offers everything they could need, without having to leave their personal space. Hussein Nassar is more than ready to meet the challenge.

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