As you head into your favorite trendy spots you may often be struck by a fresh, eclectic design edge. The new AUC Cafeteria? Or Italiano restaurant at ZED, the meeting point for those-in-the-know on the west side of town. Or soon to come, the new addition to the Pyramids project that has town abuzz these days.

Architect Hisham Ghorab consistently delivers innovation, cleverly understated chic and laid back minimalist sophistication in his designs, all with an unerring eye for detail and carefully sourced materials.

What are the strongest design trends at present in the Egyptian housing market?

Interior design is becoming a focus especially in 2020 due to more people spending time at home. Interiors have developed and people have started adopting new trends and aspects in designing their homes. Today we see more open plans, allowing room for more practical home solutions.

A home has become a multifunctional space accommodating different users and functions. Furthermore encouraging a healthier lifestyle and way of living, incorporating nature has been a huge trend, where homes are becoming greener connecting the indoor to the natural world seamlessly.


So homeowners are looking more for functionality than in the past?

It goes without saying that form must always follow function. When designing a home designers should aim at creating spaces that are equally efficient as well as pleasing to the eye.

Functionality comes in different forms: flexibility of the space, multi-functional areas and furniture, smart storage systems and designing for low physical effort. Moreover, functionality emphasizes equitable use: considering the diverse needs and abilities of all throughout the design process.

What new materials are being used?

In consideration of the times we are living, hygiene and cleanliness are a factor in considering which materials to use. This includes smoother surfaces and products that can be cleaned thoroughly. Commercial and public spaces should avoid crevices and materials that are difficult to sanitize.

New materials that need to be taken into consideration are those which meet the performance standards of a healthy environment. Now increasingly review materials for health risks and avoid those with damage to the environment at the end of their life cycles.

Tell us more about organic and environmentally-friendly products.

2020 has been an awakening year with regards to the environment; as designers and as humans we have to help sustain the places we live in. We are starting to make a shift for alternative resources such as biodegradable solutions instead of plastic.

Going for more affordable (long-term) options in solar and wind energy production. Consumers and designers must opt for less excessive consumption and turn to a more minimalist approach to raise awareness about the environment.

Smart housing and green construction is the new trend, we focus on how our building affects the environment, how we can minimize this effect and more importantly, keep in mind building and developing using materials that have less potential impact. The environment is changing, human behaviors are changing and so should our design strategies and approaches.

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