Get Drowzy

Fresh ideas and dependable quality are two factors that have given this homegrown brand a secure place in an increasingly competitive market.

The brainchild of two young architects, Alaa Khalil and Mohamed Lotfy, Get Drowzy has gone from strength to strength. We chatted with Alaa Khalil to see how it all happened.

Alaa, when and how did Drowzy come about?

Mohamed Lotfy and I have always joined forces in furniture and product design competitions since 2010. In June 2017, we realized there was a gap in the ready, quickly-delivered furniture market, and there was only one big name in the game.

Get Drowzy
Alaa Khalil & Mohamed Lotfy

We dug into it with intensive research, started testing and prototyping various products in July 2017 and finally in June of 2018 we finalized our first Drowzy collection and opened the doors of our Zamalek on-ground store (which we used to call the “trust gainer” store).

What were the challenges you faced in getting the company up and running?

Trust was our main challenge in the Egyptian market, that’s why in the first place we chose to invest in an on-ground “trust gainer” store, rather than to heavy-up on digital, to display and rotate the Drowzy catalog for buyers to check all our products in real life, which helped us grow conversions after a year through our online store.

Did you find it difficult to get acceptance at first for Egyptian made products?

As mentioned in the previous question, the main challenge wasn’t that the product is made in Egypt, but it was the fact that online shoppers in Egypt regularly go through the bad experience of not receiving the exact product they bought online through a brand’s website or a marketplace, especially in the home products market.Get Drowzy

Have you seen an improvement in this?

Yes definitely, the decision of kicking off the brand’s catalog through on an on-ground store for a year to gain trust is being positively reflected day after day in our online store.

How can people buy your products?

Currently, you can simply place your order through our website: or contact our customer experience team to help you out with your order.

You can always reach our team through our social network channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, or by phone or WhatsApp.

What do you consider to be your edge in the market?

It is mainly our selected product range, design mix, affordability and fast delivery.

What can you tell us about your range of products?

Our products are made to be practical, durable and contextual, to fit all styles and tastes.

Any expansion plans in the pipeline?

We will be back to retail soon.

Contact information:

Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

Tel (Calls & Whatsapp): 0127 273 0123

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