Ahmed Ibrahim, CEO of Raya Smart Buildings, and Dina El Hussamy, Marketing Manager of Raya Smart Buildings, bring us to date with the newest addition to Galleria40, The Plaza.

The concept, the inspiration, the design and the experience you get from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. Take a peek into how Galleria40 became a hotspot in Sheikh Zayed.

With a lot of competition and new places opening up every day, how do you maintain Galleria40’s special presence?  

Ahmed Ibrahim: There are definitely several factors that make Galleria40 stand out; from the construction of the project to our unique offerings. One of our great strengths would be the neat and upscale finishing of the complex, making it appealing to the eyes of high-end consumers. In addition to the variety of services we offer to multinational and international companies; with no doubt, Galleria40 becomes the number one destination on the West side.

We are also keen on applying the latest technological infrastructure aiming to create a destination with exceptional facilities like no other. To sum up, Galleria40 is one of the most inspiring places; a place where you can whirl away and get ready to take off to one of the most hospitable destinations in the West.Galleria40

Was this Raya Smart Buildings’ vision all along? 

AI: Of course it is. From the onset, we have founded Raya Smart Buildings on specific goals and values that we’re all driving towards. We see ourselves as an entity that is dynamic, providing different epic experiences within every milestone.

We also strive to deliver outstanding experiences to our customers and guests filled with diverse solutions and services that create a great attachment between us and them, while also making sure that the culture in the areas in which we operate is reflected within those experiences.

Although it is challenging to always stay on the same line, we promise ourselves and our partners that we will always do what we can to make sure that our mission is accomplished and our vision achieved.

How do you provide a cultural experience to anyone who walks in? 

As there is always room for development, our successful expansion in Galleria40 covers the spectrum of our cultural experience with a new twist. We call this new expansion The Plaza; an experiential hub of commercial and creative features releasing an untapped potential and offering a fresh new and highly attractive experience.

It is inspired by the Italian Piazza, from the infrastructure, the design, to the world-class dining experience and the exotic look and feel; an ideal destination where one can unwind and have an unmatched foreign experience.

How would you describe a day at the Plaza? 

Dina El Hussamy: I consider it to be the perfect one-day getaway. You walk into the Plaza and immediately feel like you’re in a whole new classy experience with foreign features, surroundings, and views; from the European-inspired decorations and fountain, clock tower, the elite food hall, to the exceptional entertaining programs.

A day at the Plaza features a “Gather, Dine, and Discover” experience; a day for the family where you can gather and join a community with a distinct culture, dine in the most unique and elite restaurants, and discover yourselves through the creative and artistic elements found within The Plaza.

How does your business tenant experience respond to the needs of the existing market nowadays? 

AI: From my point of view, I believe that innovation needs creativity and a relaxed mind, not just in the way we think, but also creativity within the roots; the workspace should be a space that fosters originality and not just be a good-looking office.

Nowadays, the physical spaces we move through are linked to our performance and happiness, reflecting a growing need to build elite spaces with demanded experiences and exceptional services.

Also, as we are rethinking what the workplace should look like after a post-pandemic world, we are capitalizing on one of our most successful features Edge Innovation Center aiming to meet the increased demand for more workplace flexibility maintaining all the precautions for the current circumstances of the pandemic.

What would you say makes Galleria40 unique? 

DH: There is no doubt that our customers are our greatest assets and it is always our ultimate goal to improve their experiences. We start off with the core, our people and the ones behind it all.

By creating a working environment with shared values and beliefs that enforce a positive culture. This culture is engraved within the foundations of Galleria40, its tenants, and most importantly reflected on to our customers.

This customer experience is built through a selection of facilities and offerings that are not to be found elsewhere, from the high-end selection of food and beverage, entertaining programs, world-class brands, to the creative features found within our Culture Lab mentioned earlier.

Our mission is to create a story behind our customer experience, a story full of inspiration, from the minute they walk into the site to the minute they leave and long for their next visit. 

How do you see the F&B mix now in Galleria40?

Our strategy for the tenant mix in Galleria40 is different. Yes, we seek anchors, but most important is the experience that will be provided for our guests by the operator. In The Plaza, Jones the Grocer and Loris are our big concepts, we brought new branches of 900 Degrees and Ama Sushi from the East side of town, while The Food District and Chez Madeline are perfect new concepts.

The Tap is one of the best nightlife destinations. Gaby’s, Mr. Pretzels, Cowabunga and Bubble Tea add new taste adventures to the options. On the other hand, we have one of the strongest food offerings in a celebration area in the West, with OVIO, Keki, Dara’s Ice Cream, Good Stuff Eatery, Starbucks, and soon-to-come Lebanese Bakery, making for a great mix.

Apart from wanting a diverse selection of cuisines, we carefully select venues that will really offer our guests a memorable experience.