As we get older, our bodies change, and so do our health requirements. For example, our digestive system slows down, which means that fruits, veggies and grains that are high in fiber should be a daily part of our diet. nutrition

That doesn’t mean more calories, it just means sufficient nutrients. Some older adults may even need more protein. Here are things to keep in mind to stay healthy as you age:

1. Eat foods that give you lots of nutrients without a lot of extra calories, such as
  • Fruits and vegetables (choose different types with bright colors)
  • Whole grains, like oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, and brown rice
  • Fat-free or low-fat milk and cheese, or soy or rice milk that has added vitamin D and calcium
  • Seafood, lean meats, poultry, and eggs
  • Beans, nuts, and seeds
2. Avoid empty calories.

These are foods with lots of calories but few nutrients, such as chips, candy, baked goods, soda, and alcohol. nutrition

3. Pick foods that are low in cholesterol and fat.

You especially want to try to avoid saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats are usually fats that come from animals. Trans fats are processed fats in stick margarine and vegetable shortening. You may find them in some store-bought baked goods and fried foods at some fast-food restaurants.

4. Drink enough liquids, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Some people lose their sense of thirst as they age. And certain medicines might make it even more important to have plenty of fluids. nutrition

5. Maintain a healthy weight.

Extra weight increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Use the BMI (body mass index) calculator to find out what you should weigh for your height. Get to your healthy weight and stay there by eating right and keeping active. Replace sugary drinks with water, which is calorie-free! nutrition

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