During a recent press conference, Ezz Elarab Group, the sole importer, and exclusive distributor of Volvo cars in Egypt announced the inauguration of the Swedish luxury brand’s very first-ever Volvo Gallery in Egypt and North Africa.

The Volvo Gallery is a new and innovative marketing concept that combines a car showroom with a café, incorporating the latest concepts and services to provide a unique memorable customer experience.

The Volvo gallery is not just a showroom, but rather a destination that is designed to immerse visitors in the aroma and tastes of Sweden, while also providing awareness for the Volvo brand in general.

  • A new lifestyle experience concept that provides a unique taste of Swedish culture, values, and hospitality.
    ● A novel marketing concept that incorporates a Volvo showroom and a café combined into one unique destination.
    ● With only eight other similar Volvo’s concepts around the world, ‘Volvo Gallery’ is the 9th to open.
    ● Ideally located at the prominent Sheikh Zayed District, at ‘TWELVE’ by The Platform.
    ● The Volvo Gallery will host a variety of events designed to introduce Swedish culture and the Volvo brand philosophy to a wider audience.

We are fortunate to be chosen as Volvo’s ninth concept in the world – VOLVO GALLERY- where Stockholm; Milano; Tokyo; Manhattan; Warsaw; Seoul; Taipei; and Kuwait are the others.

Ezz Elarab Group selected Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters as a service partner, one of the finest and most popular coffee roasters and brewers on the market today. This handpicked selection of a trusted local partner ‘Seven Fortunes’ who will be responsible for setting up and running the café section of Volvo Gallery, was a result of considering that everything they produce and serve shall be of the same high quality that people expect from all other Volvo Cars products.

The Gallery, which represents a non-traditional showroom, and a non-traditional café, will be a social hub for Volvo enthusiasts and a place where visitors can learn about the latest car models offered by the Swedish brand.

The Gallery will also offer a convenient place for potential customers to purchase their vehicles while enjoying a laid-back and tranquil atmosphere, complemented by great coffee, beverages, and food.

At the heart of the Volvo Gallery will be a dedicated Marketing professional who is a dual Egyptian/Swedish national and whose background and expertise will be instrumental in reflecting the combined Swedish experience and the Egyptian soul.

The main concept of the Volvo Gallery is to combine hospitality, comfort, and innovation with contemporary Scandinavian designs. Furthermore, and in keeping with the values of the Volvo brand, every single item served or sold at the Gallery shall be sustainable and organic where possible, as well as, produced and served in the same quality that buyers expect from Volvo.

Moreover, The Volvo Gallery Cafe will host a variety of events that will be selected to introduce and extend Swedish culture and the philosophy of the Volvo brand to a wider audience.

The main objective behind these events will be to grow the community, which will be achieved through a series of monthly events.

“Ever since we entered the Egyptian market, Ezz Elarab Automotive Group has shown strong leadership skills and significant presence within the automotive market in Egypt. We have constantly raised the experience standards of vehicle ownership through our modern contemporary showrooms for luxurious brands and I am proud to have Volvo as a partner,” said Engineer Hisham Ezz Elarab, Chairman of Ezz Elarab Automotive Group.

“We are proud of our close cooperation with Volvo, as they are considered to be one of the most significant pioneers in the automotive industry in the world,” he added. “Since we began our partnership with Volvo, Ezz Elarab Group has taken the responsibility of offering the widest range of Volvo models that meet the needs of buyers and comply with the requirements of the Egyptian market. We have also guaranteed the improvement of service levels that we provide to the Volvo’s customers who appreciate technology and luxury in cars.”

“Through the Volvo Gallery, our goal is to get closer to our customers. We aim to provide them with a distinctive and outstanding experience, to show the true Volvo values, in terms of customers and environment-related factors,” said Engineer Muhammad Aboul Nour, Volvo Egypt General Manager at Ezz Elarab Automotive Group.

“Therefore, every single element in the Volvo Gallery is designed to portray the previously mentioned values, starting with the food and beverage menu, which includes a wide variety of healthy options and environmentally friendly products, to the spectacular contemporary showroom that displays Volvo cars. All of these factors have been taken into consideration when it comes to the seating and arrangement, both indoors and outdoors, so that we are able to follow all the necessary precautions to achieve the recommended social distancing that is currently in place. We also provide both our visitors and our staff with face masks and disinfectants, as their safety is always our top priority.”

Featuring a design theme that shares the same high-quality “look-and-feel” of various popular models of Volvo cars, and incorporating intricate creative designs and materials, the Volvo Gallery’s distinctive concept was designed to attract a very particular target audience of young, modern, urban millennials who never cease to pursue their goals and are curious about the Volvo brand and its diverse offering of models.

Located at the heart of the prominent Sheikh Zayed District, the Volvo Gallery is built on an area of 300 square meters at ‘TWELVE’ by The Platform and is easily accessible via the 26th of July Corridor.