El Gouna

An El Gouna state of mind evolves when one lives life to the fullest, and builds a life around serenity, balance, growth, and refinement. The town provides an ideal space for people to pursue a lifestyle best suited to their needs and aspirations, whether it’s a life of tranquility, adventure, luxury, or a unique blend of all three. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and offering the best of what life has to offer.

El Gouna provides outstanding prospects for those who love to live life to the fullest, offering more than 36 lively neighborhoods, each with its own unique blend of properties, from exclusive private villas to cozy apartments.

El Gouna presents laidback, gracious seaside living supported by the convenience and exclusivity of a self-contained community. There are 18 hotels dotted throughout the community, offering a superb mix of 5, 4, and 3-star accommodations.

Offering sought-after amenities such as marinas, restaurants, golf courses, schools, universities, co-working spaces, and its own airport, El Gouna is the perfect place to relax and truly enjoy living.

Blessed with year-round sunshine and picturesque views of mountains, sky and sea, El Gouna is a place to savor rest and recreation, as well as cosmopolitan dining, colorful nightlife, and high-profile local and international events. El Gouna’s pristine beaches and world-class marinas are also key elements of its enduring charm.

The sunny weather, prime location on the Red Sea coast, and the wide range of water sports attract visitors from all over the world. Nothing will rekindle a love of sports more than El Gouna’s natural beauty and sunny weather, a wide variety of aquatic activities, and access to quality sports centers staffed by skilled professionals.


Spacious beaches, excellent winds, and shallow waters bring droves of kitesurfers – including world champions – to El Gouna. Kitesurfing aficionados were quick to recognize El Gouna’s enormous potential for the adventure sport due to its accessibility.

El GounaEl Gouna’s numerous kite centers offer the latest facilities, equipment and training staff with internationally recognized courses for both beginners and advanced kitesurfers. Being an internationally acclaimed kitesurfing destination, El Gouna was honored to be the host of the prestigious Kitesurfing World Championship.

Sliders Cable Park:

El Gouna is also home to Sliders Cable Park, Egypt’s first cable park. The facility is one of the largest Olympic standard cable parks in the world.

Furnished with two System 5:0 Olympic-standard cables and two ‘easy rides’ for those new to water sports, the park offers wakeboarding, waterskiing and knee-boarding, with 11 floating plastic obstacles that enable riders to perform various tricks, as well as a swimming pool, beach volleyball field and spectator chill-out area.


El Gouna is in close proximity to some of the world’s best dive sites, and diving is a great way to explore the Red Sea’s most beautiful diving locations. A number of fun courses and programs designed specifically for children are on offer at all diving centers.

El Gouna’s heated pools and calm reefs are a perfect place for beginners to learn the basics of diving in a supportive environment, while experienced divers will also find benefit in the many offerings of El Gouna’s dive centers.

These centers provide a variety of educational opportunities for all levels of ability, including PADI certification from beginner to professional level. Programs include PADI Bubble Maker, Discover Scuba Diving, Junior Scuba Diving, the Junior Open Water Diving and Snorkelling course. If you are an experienced diver you can easily seek beneficial add-ons to your existing qualifications.

Activities in El Gouna are not limited to water-based activities, you can also participate in other open-air recreations including cycling, horseback riding, beach volleyball, go-karting, motocross and ATV adventures, tennis, squash, padel, indoor and outdoor gyms, and golf.


El Gouna offers golf enthusiasts year-round golfing opportunities by having two championship golf courses. The Ancient Sands course, designed by Karl Litten, and the Steigenberger course, designed by Gene Bates and Fred Couples, cater to all abilities, from beginners to advanced golfers playing the tournament circuit.

El GounaBoth courses capitalize on El Gouna’s natural topography, and expertly balance lush green fairways with desert landscape to create courses that are as picturesque as they are challenging.

Football Club:

El Gouna Football Club is a professional club playing in the Egyptian Premier League. In the years it has been active, it has attracted high-level talent including national team players and highly regarded technical staff.

The Club also operates a Youth Department, comprising ten teams made up of aspiring young players ranging from the ages of 11 to 21. The club is home to a fully equipped stadium with a seating capacity of 12,000 spectators, and facilities include a natural-grass football pitch, dressing rooms, VIP lounge and press conference room.


El Gouna offers an eclectic range of local and international dining experiences. From sophisticated fine dining to relaxed cafes and coffee shops, there are over 100 different dining outlets to choose from.

The ultimate gourmet food destination for lovers of quality dining experiences, offering a variety of choices including Egyptian, French, Thai and Italian cuisines. Many of these restaurants also offer unique views of the marina, so as you dine you can soak up the cosmopolitan seaside vibe or people-watch to your heart’s content.

Whether you wish to have a quiet drink in a sociable setting, or dance until the sun comes up, El Gouna offers an impressive range of bars, pubs and clubs, as well as countless entertainment options.

Meet friends at karaoke night, watch football games on large screens at various venues, meet up for dinner, party at one of El Gouna’s popular clubs, or relax with drinks under the stars.

Part of El Gouna’s unique charm is its ability to bring residents and visitors from all over the world together in a relaxed, friendly social environment where there is always something new happening.

El Gouna is a town where you can expand your social opportunities and give the chance to mingle with a variety of fascinating people in a vibrant and picturesque setting. El Gouna’s breathtaking scenery, quality facilities and reputation for service excellence has ensured it became the first choice to host a number of high-profile local and international events.

Many of these events have returned in subsequent years and have become an important part of the social fabric of the town. El Gouna has proudly hosted a number of prestigious sporting events over the years, including the Kitesurfing World Cup, Europe and Africa Cable Wakeboard championship, El Gouna International Squash Open, Spinning Marathon and El Gouna Beach Polo.

The town is also famous for being the venue of choice for a variety of exciting recreational events, including the El Gouna Fishing competition, and the El Gouna Rally and cultural events such as the El Gouna Film Festival. El Gouna also hosts a number of exciting parties and happenings all year round.

Gouna Conference and Culture Center:

Stirred by the success of the annual El Gouna Film Festival and Samih Sawiris’ love of classical music, Orascom Development has expanded the thriving arts and culture scene in El Gouna by launching a new concert and conference center.

The refined, high-colonnaded building structure, designed by renowned British architect Christina Seilern, encompasses a concert hall and conference center surrounded by a tranquil lagoon.

Each structure features cutting-edge technology and superior acoustic capability to ensure that music performances and large-scale events provide outstanding audience experiences.

The project’s architecture was inspired by Middle Eastern and traditional Egyptian styles and was designed to complement the local landscape. This iconic new venue is destined to position Egypt, the Red Sea, and El Gouna on the map as a site of excellence for both local and international events and conferences.

Facilities of GCCC:

Concert hall: 600 seats – 120 orchestra musicians

• Conference center: 2,000 seats

• The plaza: catered events can hold up to 800 seats

• An outdoor auditorium setup can hold up to 1,400 seats total

• Space: 30,000 m2


Navigating El Gouna is easy, with a number of different transport options available to ensure that you can always get to where you want to go.

While many visitors enjoy exploring the town on foot, longer distances or specific destinations can be easily reached by using tuk-tuks, shuttle buses, and shuttle boats.

The E-Bike sharing system also provides multiple bike stations around town to let you come and go as you please. Private limousines are also available for rent, both within the town and for short trips, and there are also daily bus services to Hurghada and Cairo.


G-Space is a co-working space in El Gouna and a thriving business hub in the Red Sea region and is home to a number of reputable local and homegrown businesses including creative agencies, law firms.

People can gain access to a variety of flexible spaces including hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms and organic event spaces, all of which have been designed to encourage productivity and creativity. G-Space also hosts regular events and workshops.

Weddings & Celebrations:

El Gouna is one of Egypt’s most desirable wedding and honeymoon destinations, prized for its beautiful venues and locations, numerous accommodation options, and professional services.

With an extensive range of venues and locations perfect for intimate beach weddings or cozy honeymoon getaways, you are guaranteed to curate and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

El Gouna Hospital:

El Gouna runs a state-of-the-art international hospital for the convenience and comfort of its visitors and residents.

Established in 1998, the medical facility is staffed by a professional team of resident professors, specialists and nursing staff. It offers a variety of essential services, including 24-hour emergency care, inpatient and outpatient care, general surgery, a large number of specialist clinics, and a fleet of ambulances.

The El Gouna Hospital is renowned for its comprehensive diving and hyperbaric medical center, which provides crisis care to the region’s diving community, and features the Middle East’s largest hyperbaric chamber.

Meetings & Conferences:

El Gouna offers a sought-after location for hosting meetings, conferences and business events of all types and sizes.

The town’s facilities can easily cater for groups of varying numbers and have years of experience in designing event packages that streamline the planning process and make the events memorable in every possible way.

Customized meeting and conference packages incorporate venue spaces, group accommodations and transport, catering services, technology and business services, and entertainment and leisure opportunities.

Green El Gouna:

One of El Gouna’s greatest successes has been its mission to become the most eco-friendly holiday destination in Egypt. Significant planning went into the creation of the green community to ensure that it had minimal impact on the surrounding environment efficiently used local resources, and employed emerging technologies to support its sustainability goals, and actively educated visitors and residents about their individual responsibilities.

These actions earned the town a number of international environmental awards – including the Global Green City award and the Green Globe certificates – for implementing initiatives in the areas of carbon neutrality, solar technology, waste management, renewable energy, and the Green Star Hotel program.

Committed to environmental sustainability, El Gouna has served as a pilot destination of The Green Star Hotel Initiative, a training and accreditation program designed and managed by a team of internationally certified experts aiming at raising the bar of environmental performances and social standards in the Egyptian hotel industry.