Dubai travel

For our first official trip since the breakout of the pandemic, we flew to where the whole world meets: Dubai. Dubai travel

Because where else can you shop to your heart’s content, indulge in exquisite food, lounge by the beach, watch a show, go for business meetings, and relax? There is simply no place like the ever-dynamic Dubai, and it helps that Dubai is just short of four hours away from Cairo. Dubai travel

One of the biggest events in the Middle East, The Dubai Expo 2020 is a chance for Dubai to shine brighter by putting on a state-of-the-art marvel for the whole world to witness. Dubai is really a city ready to connect, entertain, and inspire.

Let’s take a closer look at what this cosmopolitan, urban haven and thriving business hub has to offer.

The City- Dubai, a melting pot of cultures.

Dubai brings world cultures and styles together into a cutting-edge, futuristic, streamlined, modern city, boasting Middle Eastern values, rooted in community, family, generosity, and wealth. This wealth doesn’t just come in a materialistic form, but also in treatment, hospitality, and a service-oriented mindset. Dubai travel

We loved the contrast of skyscrapers in the heart of the city, just a short drive away from the variety of beaches with all their offerings, and the heritage sites in old Dubai with markets and the dessert bliss.

Arts & Culture

Dubai has cultivated itself as one of the cultural hubs of the MENA region. Being home to the headquarters of some of the most prestigious art and lifestyle magazines, fashion brands, and museums; Dubai has positioned itself as a city for artists and art lovers.

Dubai is well on its way to becoming the leading city of the future, accentuated by the Dubai Expo 2020 and the soon-to-be inaugurated Museum of the Future. The Museum of the Future is a center of creativity that combines exhibitions, with immersive theatre and both physical and virtual themed attractions. Dubai travel

This museum isn’t just about art. It is also about finding solutions to the world’s current and pressing issues by exploring possible futures, resource development, ecosystems, and spirituality.

If art is not your thing, you have so many attractions to keep you entertained for weeks. Thanks to Dubai’s picturesque landscape, sky diving is a popular activity among tourists and adrenaline seekers. But, if that is too extreme for your taste, you, like us, can try the mini version of it at one of the i-fly spaces there where you get to fly in a tube with an instructor. Dubai travel

Another highly anticipated attraction is The Dubai Eye. London has brought its famous wheel to the Middle East, but this time it is overlooking the Arabian Gulf instead of the Thames River, and it is opening on the 15th of October, so mark it for your next trip.


Whatever your heart and appetite desire, you will find in Dubai. You can feast on stellar cuisines from all over the world, from the attainable to the upscale. Why not treat yourself to dinner at any of the Michelin Star restaurants and bistros?

We woke up to eggs, foul and sojouk for breakfast, had American-diner style juicy burgers for lunch, and indulged in a delicious and elegant Persian meal at the Palazzo Versace for dinner. Talk about satisfying all of our cravings. Dubai does that and more.

International food chains are also available, and we were salivating at the sight of Shake Shack there, with its little flavorful burgers and perfectly cut homemade fries drizzled with cheese sauce. Are you hungry yet? Dubai travel

Our Dubai culinary journey didn’t stop there, as we finished off our trip at the Time-Out food market with live music, different food stalls, and an upbeat atmosphere where everyone is welcome, but with a mask, of course.


Many of those who visit Dubai go for the retail therapy experience, I mean, have you seen the malls there? The selection of merchandise? Even though shopping can tend to be on the expensive side, Dubai has malls that could put shopping centers all around the world to shame. Dubai travel

We visited Dubai Mercato Mall, and it felt like London’s Covent Garden had given birth to Milano’s Galleria Vittorio. Lined with ample shops carrying anything and everything you could think of, and all the right brand names, along with small booths, and cafés.

Dubai travelDubai gives you no option but to shop until you literally drop. Going into Dubai Mall was like going into Disneyland, but for adults, with a multitude of shops that will take you at least a few days to visit, restaurants and cafés from all over the world, a light museum (Infinity Des Lumieres), and a cinema.

COVID-19 Current Requirements:

-Valid Visa

-Negative PCR test (maximum 72h before flight) with QR code

-PCR test on arrival in Dubai

Travel safely and responsibly, and enjoy!

Expo 2020 Dubai Welcomes Visitors from Every Corner of the Globe