décor trends 2022

Enough of cold, emotionless minimalism. Lockdown blues are on their way out, white everything just leaves us cold. décor trends 2022

It’s time to embrace warmer, earthier colors, or splash out with a return to vibrant colors and geometric patterns and curvy shapes. Flex your creative muscles and inject some oomph into your personal spaces!

The colors to look out for:

Pretty pastels are taking a back seat, as is the grey-on-grey palette. They have moved on to make way for warm, earthy hues of brown; from cinnamon and caramel to rich, unctuous chocolate.

décor trends 2022Three years into a lifestyle that has us spending much more time in our homes, craving a reassuring vibe and atmosphere that comforts and soothes our emotions. Think along the lines of terracotta walls, leather (simulated we hope) statement pieces that give a space a warm and cozy feel.

Get into shape:

Furniture is strongly curvy. The days of boxy sofas and sharp-edged tables have had their hey-day, for the moment at least. Mushroom-shaped chairs and sofas are popping up all over the place, and tables in natural woods and marble are going with the flow as well.

Nature rules:

Surfaces are becoming more tactile and nature-inspired. Everything is looking more organic; natural stone, marble, granite, ceramics and wood will feature in all locations of the home.

décor trends 2022
Wallpaper, curtains and cushions will draw on flora and fauna for inspiration, and there is a resurgence in wall tapestry. If you don’t have heirloom pieces that have been handed down over generations, this is the time to head to your favorite antique shops to see what you can find.

Jute, rush and sisal flooring are still strong favorites in less formal settings, while high-quality rugs and carpets return to natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk rather than synthetics. décor trends 2022

Imperfect finishes:

Sleek wall finishes are giving way to Venetian plaster, lime wash and antiqued paint. Cracks and mottled patches are optional, but the obsession with creating perfection is long gone.

décor trends 2022The Japanese had recognized this centuries ago and embraced it as wabi-sabi, where imperfections were recognized for their own intrinsic beauty. Now the rest of the world is catching up. décor trends 2022

Vintage and collectibles:

Spaces are now a lot more personalized. While a treasured antique will always uplift a room, it is often the slightly battered vintage piece that injects a sense of originality into a room.

décor trends 2022When everything has a story, a room comes to life. Maybe it’s time to relegate any generic dust-collecting home accessories to the store-room, or the bin. Anything picked up on travels to distant locales will add to the fascination, so long as it isn’t touristy tick-tack.

Geometry goes wild:d

For anyone reluctant to immerse themselves in the almost nostalgic mood that is so big right now, the option would be to jump on board the craze for geometric patterns. Colors are bold, with citrus green, burnt orange and blue to the fore. décor trends 2022


Think back to Art Deco and the Pop Art eras and get into the mood. Patterns against patterns, optical illusions, just make it fun!

Define the space:

While open-plan living worked just fine when everyone just came home to sleep, in today’s world we need to multi-task our spaces so much more. Our home has become our sanctuary, our workplace, our dining and entertaining hub.

décor trends 2022So make the most of screens, room dividers and plants to create a sense of privacy, they can always be moved to suit the mood. Outdoor spaces are coming into their own, with more planning and structure making them into a useful extension of the home.

More than ever, your home is your haven, a reflection of where you feel comfortable with yourself and your surroundings. Dispense with the unnecessary, embrace function and individuality and make 2022 a turning point in your design aesthetic.

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