what men want

Listen closely because Cairo West has finally gotten to the bottom of what exactly men want. During the 5th edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, we asked some of our favorite male celebrities this very question. Here’s what they shared.

Actions speak louder than words

Some men prefer to show their feelings through action like getting their significant other their favorite Starbucks coffee or making sure the groceries are brought home. Showing responsibility and prioritizing others are also acts of love. Actor on the rise Youssef Othman gave an interesting point of view:

“I feel that a lot of times when men do something, their end goal is not necessarily to be happy, on the contrary, it’s to make others happy; not just out of responsibility but of course, passion and will are included.”

Treat him with love and respect

Just like women, men too want to feel loved and respected. Comedian and media personality Marwan Younes had this to say about the love and respect men expect, “Men want everything, which is weird. Men think they are kings so they expect women to do everything in the world for them, to support, to care but that’s nonsense, we can take anything that comes our way.”

Ladies, you can show your man love by caring for him, just be sure not to turn into his mother!

What do men really want? But seriously, what do they want?

The answer to what men want is that there is no answer; not a definitive one at least. Screen superstar Ahmed Dawood shared his take on things, “Honestly, men want nothing, (he laughs amusedly). Men just want to be happy even though I don’t know what they want but, men need to be left alone and pampered.”

As numerous men follow Ahmed Dawood’s reply, Youssef Othman had the same approach, “Men want love and care, even the ones who act tough,” he grunts. “Men want to be prioritized and loved that is all what a man asks for”.

Cracking Men’s Code

To be loved that’s one thing but to be understood that’s something else. We spoke to host-turned-actor Sherif Noureldin to share his insights on this topic. He said, “To be loved by your partner and to understand each other, even though two people can be very different. Both partners need to have an understanding through, respect, love, and accepting each other for who they are.”

It has come to the conclusion that all men want the same thing as each personality has its priorities in life in what they want. As some men want nothing; “to sit there and look up at the ceiling and think about nothing”, according to Marwan Younes.

Actor Karim Kassem also agrees with his fellow actor, “We have the capacity of doing nothing, of just being in the zone of nothing! Which is a curse and a blessing.”

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