Castle Development, a real estate company that focuses on developing high-value residential, commercial, and administrative projects in Egypt, has recently organized a media trip to its flagship project in The New Administrative Capital; “Castle Landmark” and “Castle Gate” mall.

Castle Development finished 85% of construction in phase I, 35% in phase II and 5% in phase III of the project

Construction in phase I reached 85% this phase includes 476 units, phase II is 35% finished, while phase III is 5% finished, while the digging process is finished in phase IV.  Delivery for phase I should take place in August 2022, phase II is scheduled the first quarter of 2022, and phase III after 6 months from phase II whilst full project will be delivered by the end of 2024.

“In Castle development, the most important thing we care about is trustworthiness and transparency with our clients. We are keen to deliver our clients the best quality on the scheduled dates. Our top priority is to provide our clients with high-ended projects and to execute our plan on time, that’s why since we started Castle Landmark we increased the work capacity to the maximum to adhere to the schedule we promised our clients.” Said, Eng. Ahmed Mansour CEO of Castle Development.

Explaining the plan, Mansour added: “We had several challenges during the last period due to Covid-19 crisis and its effect on all projects, however, we focused our efforts towards Castle Landmark to continue the construction plan and here we are today sharing with our clients the progress we achieved hoping to meet our clients’ expectations and to contribute positively in the Egyptian government’s comprehensive urbane plan, hence will reflect on Egypt’s image worldwide, especially when it comes to The New Administrative Capital, the national new project which has a huge influence on the foreign investments in Egypt.”

Castle Landmark with an investment of EGP 3.7 billion, the project introduces an integrated, smart residential compound, which runs on solar energy that feeds 70% of its overall area.

Ideally located on R7 site in the New Administrative Capital, 81% of the project’s landscape exhibits green areas allowing residents to enjoy the peaceful suburban lifestyle adjacent to the city’s Green River over 43 acres. And for the first time in Egypt; the project contains parking over the total land space, to facilitate the traffic and provide premium quality to its residents.

Castle Landmark includes Castle Gate mall which is constructed over 20 acres with total 196 administrative and commercial units, work started in Castle Gate with OKOPLAN Engineering Consultations contracted by Castle Development to design the Mall.

In addition to that, the company is developing another project which is East Side building with investments 800 million EGP. The digging phase has already finished and the building is constructed over 7600m ², East side includes 9 floors each floor contain 23 unit. The floors are distributed to be 3 floors commercial, 2 floors medical and the rest are administrative.

Castle Development focuses on the development of high-end real estate projects in Egypt, including residential, commercial, and administrative developments. Since its inception, Castle Development has made a priority to offer its customers unique services; which include its one-of-a-kind partnership with Allianz Insurance – Egypt.

Castle Landmark is keen to provide high standard projects and smart solution to its clients, through strategic plan focuses on offering high-valued real estate projects equaling the international real estate’s projects comparing the modern designs, the facilities and the amenities that’s the reason behind contracting a very important company in Egypt and North Africa and one of the companies is Schneider Electric which Castle Development has signed a memorandum of understanding with to build an integrated system for the energy and security in Castle Landmark, also contracted with the Saudi ABC company to provide project management and consulting related to facilities. Moreover, an agreement with Be-Tech to provide the clients with long-lasting devises alongside with Fawry Company so the clients can pay the installments easily.