Casa Talia

Prepare yourself for a gastronomic treat at any time of day. The creative menu is packed with dishes that sound drool-worthy, and we can’t wait to visit.

Type of cuisine: International

Signature Items

Great breakfasts with French toast in myriad forms, Steak and Crispy Chickpea Salad, Smoked Salmon and Pineapple Carpaccio Salad, grilled appetizers mainly served as Robata grill skewers, pasta, Neapolitan style pizzas, and steak.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Honey Roasted Pineapple, Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Pain Perdu Bowl, and Date Gratin.

What you Will Find

All of the above, and much more. Breakfast would be a must, just imagine truffle wild mushroom scrambled eggs on toasted croissant, with Parmesan, crispy greens, Josper thyme potatoes and greens, or avocado spread, poached eggs, slow-cooked BBQ brisket, sweet onion, toasted savory French toast and Parmesan cheese, with a side salad. Then a hit of sugar with Marron French Toast, with dates, caramelized banana, and walnuts… mmm.

If lunch or dinner are more your thing, warm up with a classic French Onion Soup, rich with Emmental cheese, or maybe a creamy Wild Mushroom Soup. Then indulge in an appetizer or two. Or three.

Tempted by the O’tian Dynamite with a mix of salmon, tuna, crab and shrimp, guacamole, sesame dynamite sauce, bread chips, with citrus ponzu sauce? Or something from the Robata grill, like the Umami Beef Kushiyaki with beef cubes with spring onion, umami mayo and sesame seeds?

We would definitely like to try the marinated mushrooms with truffle dip and Parmesan, and the vegetarians among us would also dive into Halloumi Skewers, with eggplant and caramelized walnut salsa.

We would still leave space for slow cooked Glazed Smoky Short Ribs, sweet potato crisps and guacamole, served with soft tacos, with an order of wood fired garlic bread, brie cheese, mozzarella and marinara sauce.

Future visits would see us going for something salad-y, maybe the Chop Chop Chicken with Thai cut carrot, onions, spring onion, cucumber, basil, coriander, chili, cabbage and cherry tomato mixed with sweet and spicy Thai dressing, grilled chicken and crushed peanuts.

Or possibly The Wow with grilled chicken, goat cheese, roasted pumpkin, rocca, almonds and cherry tomatoes served with balsamic strawberry dressing and black raisins. Repeat.

Beverages: Fresh fruit juices, coffee, detox drinks and coconut mocktails like the Colombian drink, Coco Lemon.Casa Talia

Contact information

Opening hours: Daily 9 am to 12 pm (Breakfast until 2 pm)

Address: Arkan Plaza, New Extension, Sheikh Zayed.

Tel: 0102 956 5960

Events: [email protected]


Instagram: @casa.talia

Villa Caracas at Mall of Arabia