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From the battle to get a place in your nursery school of choice, through to school and the university, educating your children can be costly and a source of many a sleepless night. So, armed with a fresh diploma and a lot of expectations of their life ahead, how many young people actually find themselves pursuing a career that they can love and thrive in? Shrouk Alaa Eldin, Managing Director of Career 180 brings us up to speed.

Career 180: The Beginning

Career 180 started in July 2017.  The idea came as a solution for the torment of trying to decide which career to pursue. Career 180 was launched to be a comprehensive and interactive career development platform, and till now, it has impacted more than 100,000+ university students and fresh graduates.

One Team One Dream

Career 180’s team is the main reason for its success. The thing that makes this team special is that half of them are still university students. Their talent and commitment led them to become project managers, heading their own teams.

What are the challenges facing students, and new graduates in today’s world?

Every day we see changes in the job market due to technology trends and new approaches, but the academic content is not keeping up with these changes. So there is a huge gap that needs to be filled by career development services, extracurricular activities and practical internships in companies.

Services Offered

Career 180 offers career development services through an online and an offline arm:

  • Online arm website offers live online 1-to-1 or 1-to-group courses, sessions, coaching, and talent programs. Its main objective is to offer an environment that makes you feel you are in an offline session where you can ask all your questions on the spot and interact with the experts in your field.

  • Offline arm

Egypt Career Summit is the biggest career development event in Egypt, it gathers 5000+ undergraduates and fresh graduates with 350+ experts and 100+ multinational companies and organizations each year. Career 180 provides talks, sessions, networking areas, coaching and customized programs from companies to youth.

Consultants and Experts from Every Field

Career 180 has more than 450+ experts, with CEOs, directors, managers and seniors from all fields focusing on imparting knowledge and experience to students.

Top Tips for Young People to Find their Niche and Build a Satisfying Career:

  1. Always seek advice from experts in your field through networking events, sessions and even social media.
  2. Keep learning everyday whether from online platforms or offline, this will give you the knowledge required for the job market.
  3. Work on enhancing your skills by joining student activities, it is a must nowadays if you want to join big corporates and startups.

Trendy Jobs and Fields of Work Nowadays

Many companies and startups are scaling or starting their digital platforms so they need talents in:

  1. Social media content
  2. SEO
  3. Copywriting
  4. Growth hacking