Bux in Bianchi

When sea air and sun have helped us work up a healthy appetite, sinking our teeth into a brisket-loaded tortilla is the nearest thing to heaven we can imagine.

Type of cuisine: This is your go-to spot for comfort food in its best incarnation.

Signature dishes: Brisket Tacos, Chicken Bites, Mac ’n Cheese

What You Will Find

When we say brisket, we mean brisket in so many ways. With cheese, corn and tomato salsa, or even Cheetos or Queso, there is something to tickle everyone’s palate. Just think of the combination of succulent, flavor-packed slow-broiled beef, coupled with hot, gooey mozzarella and you’ll get the gist.

Then of course, you have the option of hot, crispy-fried chicken bites, classic or slathered in a choice of sauces, definitely our choice of starter. Sweet chili and chicken are made for each other, don’t you agree?

Just to add to the feast, you can order allumettes fries with a range of toppings, including brisket, queso cheese, beef bacon, chili con carne and BBQ sauce.

The Mac ‘N Cheese also comes in classic form, or with a lavish helping of all of those delectable toppings mentioned earlier. Whichever way you look at it, you will have every angle covered.Bux in Bianchi

All you need then is one of the calorie-laden desserts – the Lazy Cake sounds yummy, or a refreshing serving of watermelon or cantaloupe and you are good to go.

Beverages available: Smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, fresh juices, and mock-tails.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 8 am to 12 am

Address: Bianchi, Sa7el

Tel: 0103 070 9670


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