Off the back of a successful launch in Alexandria, Bonsai the international fusion eatery in Zamalek takes up an impressive spacious villa directly opposite Gezira Sporting Club.

Signatures Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signature dishes include the Shrimp Dynamite, Beef Stroganoff, Sweet Potato Balls, and the Toasted Marshmallow Tres Leches.

To ward off the chill of winter, we started with the flavoursome Shrimp Bisque, which hit the spot. Appetizers swiftly followed; Garlic Mushroom in a garlic rosemary cream sauce served with flatbread, panko breaded Sweet Potato Balls on a bed of pesto mayonnaise, a trio of cheesy Spinach and Bacon Arancini balls with ranch dressing, and the famous Shrimp Dynamite. Mixing and matching from Bonsai’s extensive appetizer menu is a wonderful lunch option for friends to enjoy if diners wish to keep it simple – every appetizer is delicious and the sauces complement each other.

Our main courses were equally satisfying, as we chose to taste Bonsai’s signature Beef Stroganoff, a hearty dish comprising of sliced beef in mushroom cream served with crisped white rice. To balance out the beef, we also sampled the Fish N’ Chips; fried sea bass fillet with seasoned twice-cooked potato wedges and tartar sauce. The stroganoff is a taste of home, but perhaps the option of pasta or rice would give diners more choice. The fish was light and flaky, as we like it, with a special mention to the perfectly cooked wedges. One would be remiss to ignore the sushi menu, which offers a wide selection of specialties. We tasted a sushi selection of Crunchy Roll, Red Fire & White Dragon Roll, and the Philadelphia Roll; all crafted to perfection and delightfully fresh.

We capped off the meal with the Toasted Marshmallow Tres Leches, which is certainly a showstopper, it is light and not too sugary sweet – the perfecting ending to the meal coupled with a lovely cappuccino. The dessert menu at Bonsai features over 10 desserts and we want to try every single one! The beauty of a menu like Bonsai’s is the breadth of choice and avenues to take; there truly is something for everyone.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

The selection of mains to a tough choice, as there is several seafood, poultry and beef options to choose from. We’d definitely love to sample more of the sushi, the variety of salads, Salmon Steak offerings or the Shrimp Curry.

Beverage options include fresh juices, smoothies, soft drinks and hot beverages.

Décor & Ambience

The décor is classic, neutral and modern with lots of green walls and accents. High ceilings and chic modern furniture provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, where the food dominates the conversation. Super attentive and professional service will make diners happy to return again and again.

Worth knowing: Bonsai offers three different seating areas in and around the villa to suit any number of seating needs, whether you prefer somewhere quiet or just want to enjoy the selection of shishas and desserts.

Clientele mix: Couples, families, groups of friends and Zamalek residents wander in from the adjacent Gezira Sporting Club. Bonsai is poised to be the go-to place for a great meal in a homey environment for the Zamalek crowd.

Price range:  Moderate to expensive, but the portion size and service make it well worth the money spent.

Contact information
Opening hours: 8 am – 12 am.
Address:  Villa 9 kafr Abdo St, Zamalek
Also open in Sheikh Zayed
Tel:  0101 021 0277
Facebook: BonsaiRestaurantEg
Instagram: BonsaiRestaurant