hiking in egypt

Get your adrenalin juices flowing as we break down Egypt’s breathtaking views with some of the most exhilarating hiking trails Egypt has to offer. hiking in egypt

Have a close look at the most hiked sites in Egypt for you and your family and friends to enjoy this winter!

Wadi Degla “Mahmeya,” Cairo

One of the best hiking trails is right here in Cairo.

Wadi Degla is near Maadi, around a 20-minute drive from Downtown. It is known for its adventurous rock climbing experiences, and to add to that, a delicious barbeque with friends and family is a plus.

Saint Catherine, Sinai

Saint Catherine in Sinai is one of the most famous places to hike to as it offers an unbeatable view and a rich historical background. There are a few trails to look out for, The Camel TrailThe Stairs, and The Summit. Those are some of the most-visited places to take up hiking. hiking in egypt

Gather your gears and enjoy a challenging but rewarding hike.

Blue Lagoon, Dahab

hiking in egyptOne of the most rewarding hikes you can ever walk on, where vivid shades of blue would be on your every looking turn while you enjoy the Sinai Mountains.

What better way to create memories with jaw-dropping views than in Dahab?

Valley of the Whales, Fayoum

hiking in egyptThe Valley of the Whales where once part of the ocean, and now you can see well-preserved rock formations carrying shell remains. The best part of your rock climbing experience is that you don’t need any hiking skills as it is flat.

The break of dawn is the best time to start as the sun rays reflect on the rock formations in the Valley.

Colored Canyon, Nuweiba

hiking in egyptThis hiking trail is in the Canyon’s rocky layers and 800 meters long.

You will notice many of the rocks covered in chalk-like powder. The colorful rocky Canyon comes as a result of resending tides from the red sea, a must-see view.

Mount Moses, Sinai

Located 278 miles from the big Cairo metropolis in the city of Saint Catherine, South Sinai governorate region. A few Miracles and many vital parts of the civilization’s history have happened there.

The hike to Mount Sinai is easy to climb, only 2,285 meters high. Although, it requires a moderate level of fitness to consider this. Once you ascend the mountain, a beautiful sunset will be waiting for your arrival.

Jebel Serbal, Sinai

Expert climbers, this one is for you. Located between the Katharina Mountains and the Gulf of Suez, its climb is challenging, with an altitude of 2070 meters.

There are four Serbal peaks, and only one is the highest, with a risk of ending up on the wrong one. Get your gears and essentials ready as this rocky climb will quench your thirst. hiking in egypt

Sahara Desert, Siwa

The world’s largest desert is like nothing else on this earth. Start organizing trips and take on adventurous car drifts through the sandy desert and stroll along the desert with any transportation you desire, from a camel, a donkey or, 4 Wheel drivers. Once deep into the desert, you can enjoy a hike, so wear your comfy shoes and enjoy the Sahara Desert!

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