By: Mariam Elhamy

We’ve been eagerly anticipating Mohamed Hefzy’s gritty drama Ras El Sanna, directed by Mohamed Sakr. The film depicts events on a New Year’s Eve a few years ago, at an unnamed Red Sea resort town. The cast is a star-studded affair that includes Eyad Nassar, Injy el Mokkadem, Ahmed Malek, Shereen Reda, Huda El Mufti, just to name a few! Interview with Basma

We caught up with Basma ahead of the film’s premiere last month to ask her a few questions about her experience on set and what the future holds.

CWM: What made you realize that this role was for you? Interview with Basma

There are a few reasons I thought this role was right for me, first and foremost was the director’s enthusiasm for having on board. Secondly, I got excited about the way it the film is written, the interesting events, and the intertwined network and connections of the relationships. All these factors make the film very intriguing.

What life lesson did you take away from the story of this film?

The most important lesson I learned from this film is that you shouldn’t judge people based on heresay. Learn the facts and events, and never have double standards.

Were there any challenging scenes?

From an acting perspective, there weren’t any challenging scenes. From a filming perspective, there was a two-sequence scene that required us to film all the characters at the same time with different things happening and a lot of movement. Everything needed to be calculated by the second, so it was hard to focus and shoot.

And favorite scene?

The core of my character really shows during the confrontation with her brother Sherif. That was my favorite scene.

Looking back at your career, which of your roles was the hardest to do?

The most challenging roles for me to do were Noura in Rasayel el Bahr and Rahma in Kesset Hob because no one had really seen me in those roles before.

Hala in B 3lm el Wosool was specifically hard because she is a very depressed character and I was really afraid of playing that. The film Mako required shooting underwater which is a completely new territory for me and challenging on a physical level. To be able to breathe, to live and act underwater.

What can fans look forward to in the future?

I am impatiently waiting for the premiere of B 3lm el Wosool and hopefully by summer fans can enjoy Mako.

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