CWM: Tell us about your role in Gunshot

AR: I play a mother who is very mysterious, and the audience will be surprised by her at the end of the film. All the tricks and cunning moves that she resorts to are to protect her children, and I believe any mother in her place would do the same. She is a very authentic Egyptian woman and mother, but there is an obvious air of mystery audiences that will leave audiences intrigued. She resorts to certain extreme measures due to her circumstances.

How did you prepare for the role?

Honestly, preparing for this role didn’t need anything specific. It’s not as if I’m 24 and preparing for a role drastically different from who I am in real life. I usually read a script and either relate to the character or I like her. I am a mother and have children, so I can relate on several levels. I have experience dealing with many different types of mothers and I was raised in a stereotypically Egyptian neighborhood, so I do my best to empathize with the character, feel her troubles, and the acting comes out from within.

What was it like working with a first time director?

Honestly, more seasoned directors may be stuck in old school methods, so I enjoy working with fresh talent. A new director may have a fresher perspective and a different eye. I trust their talent, and wish them the most success. I also trust the production company to hire a director that is capable of creating great movies.

How is this role different from other acting experience you’ve had?

This role is very different from anything I’ve done before; I believe it will elevate my career in a totally different way. The script is developed very well and the director has made a great effort on this film. My acting colleagues have also helped me a lot – all of them have supported me a great deal, because this role was physically and mentally taxing. There is a scene where Ahmed Malek’s character straddles and beats me which, was difficult to say the least. The director also pulls off amazing shots within the film; one in particular is a lengthy one-shot scene, which came out spectacular. I am really betting this film will make a great impact on my career and the audience.

Any new projects coming up in the pipeline?

I’ll be traveling to Lebanon to participate in a storytelling festival, as I am known in the region for being a capable storytelling coach. I also teach courses at Studio ZAT in storytelling, so this is how I spend my downtime until the next project comes along!