9 Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

9 Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

Mud, Water and Sand Therapy

Our quest for good health leads us in many directions, from diets and fitness routines to the exploration of alternative options. Why overlook the riches of nature, the natural healing powers of spring water that bubbles up from subterranean chambers, and mineral-rich mud and sands that offer renowned medicinal properties.

From the desert oases to the shores of the Red Sea, Egypt has an abundance of natural healing spots and locations, over 1300 it is said, where you can immerse yourself and come out feeling reinvigorated.

It is actually considered one of the most therapeutic places in the world, alleviating problems like chronic digestive diseases, gout, diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure, skin conditions and arthritis.

1. The Oases of the Western Desert

Based close to sea level, water lies close to the surface and can be easily reached by the drilling of wells. There is an abundance of natural springs that form mineral-rich pools, warm, relaxing and beneficial for a variety of ailments. Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

2. Siwa

A popular spot for tourists and locals alike is Cleopatra’s Bath, a rock bath fed by natural hot water, which can be found en route to the Temple of Amun near the village of Shali.

Ain Tamusi (or the Spring of the Bride), is still used by local brides for a dip on the eve of their wedding, and Ain Arais is a cool refreshing waterhole in close proximity to Siwa town. Other pretty springs include Fatnas, set amongst pretty palm trees, Ain Quryashat and Bir Wahed, which lies near a large petrified forest.

3. Bahariya

Natural Healing Spots in EgyptBahariya Oasis hosts over 400 springs and wells that are known for their sulphurous mineral-laden waters. With a range of water temperatures, they are reputedly effective in treating rheumatism ad skin diseases. Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

4. Farafra

Natural Healing Spots in EgyptThe over 100 springs and wells in this area have a lighter percentage of sulphur, but still offer a refreshing escape for tourists to the area. One beautiful spring, Ain Serw, also known as the Magic Spring, has waters that start to flow as visitors approach it.

5. Dakhla

Natural Healing Spots in EgyptReaching back into history, Ain Asil marks the beginning of the Abu Ballas Trail, the starting point for the distribution of pottery, water, grain and other commodities along the reaches of the southwestern desert. Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

6. Kharga

Natural Healing Spots in EgyptKharga Oasis boasts hundreds of springs and wells, many of which have been running continuously for millennia. Any visit for the therapeutic waters should also include excursions to the historic sites of the area.

7. Sinai

Pharaoh’s Bath (Hammam Pharaon) is a natural sulfur water spring located about 45km from Suez and 125km from Cairo. Studies have shown that the water from this spring can help alleviate a number of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism of all kinds, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease, lung ailments, liver disease and skin diseases.

With a water temperature of 27˚C, the water flows directly from the mountain, creating a natural lake 100m long alongside the seashore. The mountain above contains a stone tunnel used as a natural hot sauna. A small cave has been carved out of the mountainside above and is often used as a natural sauna with the heat generated by the hot sulfur water from the bottom of the cave.

It has been scientifically proven that the water from this spring can help alleviate a number of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, and rheumatism of all kinds, and gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease, sensitivity of the lung, liver disease, and skin diseases. The water is also used for beauty purposes and relieves several skin diseases.

Moses Bath (Hammam Musa) is located a few kilometers outside El Tor, 100 km away from Sharm El Sheikh in a picturesque oasis surrounded by palm trees. Its water is reputed to heal wounds, especially those of diabetic patients, and regulate high blood pressure. Natural Healing Spots in Egypt

If you can face the thought of slathering yourself with mud, Wadi Assal (Honey Valley) is located a short distance from the popular windsurfing spot of Ras Sudr. Considered to be effective in relieving arthritis, it is a popular stop-off point. The mud on the banks of the spring is rich in minerals, and although a messy business, has devoted fans.

8. Red Sea

International travelers and locals alike head to Safaga to bury themselves neck-deep in the famous ‘black sand’. Baking yourself in the hot sand, 40% of which contains three radioactive minerals, uranium, thorium, and potassium at an innocuous level, has proven to assist in curing acute and chronic arthritis, joint edema, joint effusion, and skin inflammation.

The dry, moderate climate and sheltered position of Safaga make it an attractive destination for therapy for heart, kidney, and liver diseases as well as psoriasis. The sea invites you to relax and swim and as a bonus, has a high 35% salinity level which allows you to float with minimal effort.

9. Aswan

With its dry climate and pristine air, this has to be one of the prettiest and most appealing locations in Egypt. Since Pharaonic times, the area has been known for climatic therapy, with mud from the river banks and black sand treatments offering remedies for medical ailments and beauty treatments. A mud mask can tighten sagging skin without chemicals or abrasives, and adds a special healthy glow to take the years away!