Nail art has become a creative outlet for self-expression. From unconventional designs to bedazzling; your nails are a canvas upon which your art can be constantly changing. We’ve rounded up seven trendy and trending nail styles to inspire your next nail masterpiece! Nail Art Trends

1. Red Moody Half Moon

Switch up your basic red with this funky half-moon design. This vintage nail art has been around since the 80s; it’s not only limited to red nail polish either, go ahead and have a blast trying it with different shades too. Nail Art Trends

2. Nude Brown to Pink

You can never go wrong with nude nails. It is the perfect neutral shade that works with any outfit, any occasion, any season, or any event. Take your nude options up a notch by mixing and matching with other shades, it will give you the elegance and class you’re looking for.

3. Cow Print

Moo your way onto this all-new trend: cow print. This playful and quirky look is perfect if you are looking to give your outfit the oomph that it needs. Black and white are not the only shades. Nail Art Trends

4. Neutral Shades and Swirl Designs

Give us more swirls, please! This 60s inspired psychedelic look is a show stopper! Try this groovy design on your next nail appointment.

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5. Alternating Fall Shades

When you can’t decide which nail polish you like, just go with a different color on each nail! From cranberry red nail polish to pumpkin orange, this assortment of shades is super edgy for fall. Nail Art Trends

6. Mismatched Art

Who doesn’t love a good art moment? Sometimes mismatching designs is the way to go when you can’t decide what design you’re going for. From swirls to polka dots, the possibilities are endless. It’s all very avant-garde! Nail Art Trends

7. Tortoise Shell Nails

Tortoiseshell nails have been a fall trend since 2020, and are still going strong. This fun reptilian style is very retro and brings out our wild side.

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