Diving Spots in Egypt

Egypt is known for its blue waters and undersea biopic richness, making it an ideal place for diving and snorkeling. Here are 7 spots for you to try this summer.

1) Shark and Yolanda Reef

Diving Spots in EgyptThis is a world-ranked dive site formed of two small underwater islands: Shark Reef and Yolanda reef. Shark Reef is a vertical wall dropping to 700 meters, covered with fantastic corals. While the Yolanda Reef has a wide plateau with a coral garden and lots of pinnacle corals. Diving Spots in Egypt

2) Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a world-famous diving shrine in Dahab, Sinai. The sea there is very deep, making the blue hole very visible from the surface of the water, hence the name.

Diving Spots in Egypt

It is a cliff under the sea with a vertical depth of more than 1,000 meters.

3) The SS Thistlegorm

Diving Spots in EgyptThe SS Thistlegorm Wreck is actually considered by many as the best wreck dive in the world! The site is where a World War 2 shipwrecked, and it is in the North of the Red Sea in the Strait of Gubal.

4) The Brother Islands

Diving Spots in EgyptThe Brother Islands are another world-famous scuba diving destination. The Islands offer some of the best diving in Egypt and the Red Sea due to their colorful corals and the opportunity to dive with Sharks. Diving Spots in Egypt

5) Daedalus Reef

Daedalus Reef offers some of the Best Diving in the Red Sea! It is an offshore reef located 80km East of Marsa Alam. It features pristine hard and soft coral and amazing marine life.

Here you can see various species of oceanic sharks like the curious Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks as well as Grey Reef Sharks, and even the very rare Tresher Shark if you are lucky!

6) Jackson Reef

Jackson Reef is Tiran’s most famous dive site, visited annually by thousands of divers from all over the world.Diving Spots in Egypt

This vast, round-shaped reef offers various possible itineraries with variable conditions. Suitable for beginners but generally recommended for intermediate and advanced divers.

7) Abu Dabbab Bay

Located in Marsa Allam, the Abu Dabbab Bay is home to two impressive and well-preserved house reefs, separated by a wide sandy bottom, rich in seagrass, algae, and floating weeds. Diving Spots in Egypt

The aquatic biotope is the residence of dugongs, giant sea turtles, the bow mouth guitar shark, and the bullethead parrotfish. It is nothing less but a treasure trove underwater.

Other than having fun in the water, there are ways to protect the spaces you dive in. The Egyptian Red Sea is home to many endangered marine species such as whale sharks and Green Turtles and hosts some of the world’s healthiest coral reefs.

There are few simple ways a diver can help protect the Red Sea’s pristine marine life:

  1. Don’t wear sunscreen or sun tanning oils before entering the sea as the majority of them have chemicals that are toxic to corals and marine life (called Oxibenzone)
  2. Keep a 2m distance from the coral reefs to avoid touching or kicking them with your fins. They are fragile living creatures and 1 touch can kill them.
  3. If you encounter a Manta, Dolphin, Shark, Turtle or Whaleshark, give them space, don’t chase or encircle them to take a picture, let them approach you only if they feel like it.

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