Egyptian Eco-Friendly Startups

Our planet is drowning in plastic waste, and this can only be achieved by doing simple tasks that can help save our planet; recycling, closing the faucets, throwing away cigarette buds, and decreasing littering. These simple methods can surely help save our environment and provide a better future. Egyptian Eco-Friendly Startups

By: Hana Abdel Aziz

It is encouraging to see many businesses talk about saving the planet and being eco-friendly. Eco-friendly businesses demonstrate a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future that takes action and bring awareness to our surroundings.

And these six Egyptian startups are all about giving back to the environment and manufacturing it on a whole new level. The startup scene has been booming in Cairo, and Eco-friendly businesses are elevating our planet, and giving back is what they do best!

Here is a shout-out to 6 of Egypt’s Eco-Friendly businesses.

El Nafeza

Owner Mohamed Abou El Naga has designed an environmentally friendly business that uses agricultural resources by burning mainly rice straw, banana stalks, and river flowers in order to produce saleable, Eco-friendly, and handmade paper products.

Not only does EL Nafeza work well as an outlet for products, but it also provides both the center of the paper and the design of the products. Located in Coptic Cairo, a small, dynamic workshop where employees work diligently to revive the papermaking industry in Egypt.

Green Pan by Tagaddod

Egyptian Eco-Friendly StartupsAn Eco-friendly brand that uses technology to provide the most sustainable value to waste producers by creating reliable income sources to waste collectors. Tagaddod manufacturers used cooking oil collection service by collecting 5 liters of used oils and simply scheduling a pick up through their website or phone and switching your old cooking oil with your new. If you are a restaurant owner and need to dispose of any used cooking oil, Tagaddod is on the way! Egyptian Eco-Friendly Startups


Egyptian Eco-Friendly StartupsThis Creative eco-friendly company is a unique one. They use tires that bent out of shape to the point of no return. What is so unique about this company is that they re-use the tire and turn it into pieces of furniture.

Go Clean

If you are scouting to increase your income without extra effort, Go Green is your call. This company brings recycling solutions to elevate awareness towards the environment by including the consumer inside the recycling process.

Go Green starts by separating plastics, paper, and metals which, they will send someone to weigh and collect your recyclables and exchange them with cash or household products. Egyptian Eco-Friendly Startups


Egyptian Eco-Friendly StartupsIf you haven’t heard about Greenish, you should read it closely. It is a social enterprise that aims to achieve sustainable development through interactive services such as educational activities and environmental assessment services.

Greenish also provides support to local communities that are vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. In recent events such as Luxor TOT & cleanup, they collected 1300 pieces of plastic from the Nile as part of a plastic Bag cleaning campaign with only 50 volunteers.

Greenish is there to bring awareness. With your help, we can make our streets cleaner.


If you need a better way to clean our beloved streets of Cairo, then the street-cleaning app Dawar is your go-to.

Created by Environ adapt in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment and Giza Egypt. This genius application connects you with the authorized companies that collect waste off the streets. The way that this works is by sending a photo of the street garbage and its GPS location.

Once completed, they send an image of the same spot to confirm that the job is complete. It is that simple and all this with just an application. Not only does this company aims for our streets to be cleaned but also, it informs you of the environmental initiatives near you.

Therefore, Dawar sends you news on daily progress in your neighborhood so that you can be part of the growing green community.

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