Things Women Do That Men Always Find Sexy

How you look isn’t everything. It’s down to what you are, how you act and what you think as well. Here are 10 things men find incredibly sexy when a woman does.

By Mariam Elhamy

  1. Silly girls are cute girls and men like it when a girl is goofy, playful and makes a lot of jokes. (As long as she laughs to his own jokes)
  2. Being sweet to a random toddler she sees on the street. Even if a guy’s nowhere near ready for parenthood, there’s something inherently attractive and special about a woman treating a kid cutely.
  3. Making the first move. Something about a woman making the first move is irresistible to men. It shows that she is daring and not afraid to take risks.
  4. Reading and being knowledgeable. Men are extremely attracted to a smart girl NOT a know-it-all-girl.
  5. Helping out others even when it’s inconvenient. It shows that you’re not always putting yourself first.
  6. Being real and natural. Most men find women who wear less, more natural makeup sexier than women who overdo and exaggerate their look.Things Women Do That Men Always Find Sexy
  7. Wearing glasses, biting your lip, wearing baseball caps, winking and whispering are all things men find really attractive when a woman does.
  8. Being accomplished and fulfilled. A woman should have her own career and interests and feel great being on her own as well as in a couple.Things Women Do That Men Always Find Sexy
  9. A woman who isn’t uptight, constantly stressed, doesn’t complain a lot and knows how to enjoy life.
  10. Tan lines. Leaves something for a man’s imagination.Things Women Do That Men Always Find Sexy

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