Egypt has no shortage of talent when it comes to fashion, but we rounded up 10 of the talents who emerged on the scene in the past decade! Sorted in order of establishing date.

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Siko Apparel (Est. 2010)

Founder: Siko
Offers: Funky casual and haute couture
Ethos: Experimentation with different materials and combining masculine elements with very feminine elements.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Shereen Reda, Ghada Adel, Mai Omar, Ingy El Mokkadem. Nelly Karim, Assala

Contact info:
Instagram: siko.apparel
Sold in: maison69store,, jay_egypt

Nada Akram (Est. 2011)

Founder: Nada Akram
Offers: Clothing
Ethos: Revamping Egyptian Culture
Notable names who have worn the brand: Hend Sabry, Yasmin Raies, Arwa Gouda, Reem Mostafa, Ghada Adel, Donia Samir Ghanem, Emy Samir Ghanem, May Selim, Eman el Assy, Bushra, Leila Eloui, Nesrin Amin, Hana Shiha, Engy Wegdan, Ayten Amer

Contact info:
Galleria 40 Mall – Ground Floor
Facebook: nadaakramdesigns
Instagram: nadaakram


Founder: Rafik Zaki
Offers: Haute-Couture and Ready-to-Wear (clothing)
Ethos: To make women feel powerful, confident and sexy through exquisite and unique designs.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Amina Khalil, Tara Emad, Salma Abu Deif, Asmaa Galal, Huda el Mufti, Mayar el Gheity, May El Gheity, Hanady Mehanna

Contact info:
Instagram: rafikzakidesigns
Tel: 0128 133 3466

Laila Wahba Jewelry (Est. 2012)

Founder: Laila Wahba
Offers: Jewelry
Ethos: To celebrate and reflect the essence of femininity in a modern world by creating statement pieces for the bold women where the image of feminine strength is continuously evolving
Notable names who have worn the brand: Saba Mubarak, Dorra, Amina Khalil, Tara Emad, Jamila Awad, Carmen Soliman, Reem Mostafa, Passant Shawky

Contact info:
Tel: 0121 133 0014
Email: [email protected]
Instagram /Facebook: lailawahbajewelry

KERRAT (Est. 2014)

Founder: Nariman Tarek
Offers: Clothing
Ethos: Creating good quality clothing with affordable prices and allowing women to be able to look good without breaking the bank.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Ida S Lundgren, Reham Abdel Ghaffour, Razan El Moghrabi, Heba Al Abassiry

Contact info:
Tel: 0127 506 0785
Facebook: @kerratt
Instagram: @kerrat_

Jayda Hany (Est. 2016)

Founder: Jayda Hany
Offers: Footwear and leather accessories
Ethos: Breaking free from the standard norms dictated by others.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Adriana Lima, Salma Abu Deif, Yosra El Lozy and Huda el Mufti

Contact info:
Instagram: jaydahany
Sold in La Maison Blanche
7B, 199 Degla St., Maadi

BEIT GHALY (Est. 1888, rebranded in 2017)

Founder/Owner: Nazih Ghaly
Offers: Fine Jewelry
Ethos: We are oldest Jewelry House in Egypt for over 130 years in the business. Our house was recently revamped into BEIT GHALY brand in 2017.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Yousra, Leila Eloui, Mona Zaki, Ghada Abdel Razek, Dorra, Saba Mubarak, Yasmine Raeis, Yosra El Lozy and Carmen Soliman

Contact info:
21 Gueziret Al Arab, Mohandeseen
Tel: 0122 777 1118
Facebook/Instagram: @beitghaly

Saqhoute (Est. 2018)

Founder: Norhan El Sakkout
Offers: Women’s Ready-To-Wear
Ethos: Supporting the individuality, intelligence and ambition of the modern-day woman by offering her ethically everyday garments that are transferable from one occasion to the next.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Sarah Abdelrahman, Yasmeen El Hawary

Contact info:
Instagram/Facebook: saqhoute

Sahar Zaghloul Designs (Est. 2019)

Founder: Sahar Zaghloul
Offers: Pharaonic Jewelry
Ethos: Capturing the essence of pharaonic symbolism along with the richness of the culture as a form of art and diving into the stories that have been lost in time.

Contact info:
Instagram: saharzaghloulsdesigns

Maison Farah Wali (Est. 2019)

Founder: Farah Wali
Offers: Haute Couture, Demi Couture, Ready-to-Wear
Ethos: Italian-made with a Pharaonic soul. A wearable art brand that fuses Egypt’s strong and rich heritage in fashion with quality, art, and beauty in each garment.
Notable names who have worn the brand: Enjy Kiwan

Contact info:
Instagram/Facebook:  maisonfarahwali